Secrets of Phenakite / Phenacite

It is hard to choose a favorite crystal because I love so many for different reasons. Nonetheless, if I had to choose, my very top favorite crystal to use would be Phenakite. Pheankite, (sometimes spelled Phenacite) is a  beryllium silicate belonging to the phenakite group of minerals.

It is a rare mineral, especially in well-formed crystals with transparency. This stone can be transparent to translucent. It can be colorless and white but also can have tints of pink, yellow and brown. 
The crystal system is hexagonal (trigonal) and often crystallizes in short prisms that can create a pretty rainbow. These pieces are often referred to as Rainbow Phenakite.

Phenakite is one of the Synergy 12 Stone. It is an Ascension 7 stone and is often considered the highest energy crystal in existence. This crystal can amplify any other stones energy. Phenakite is a stone recommended for advanced crystal workers. If you are new to mediating with crystals or using them for energy work, first time use can leave you feeling dizzy and light headed. I would recommend that you take your time and get to know this crystal in short intervals if you are new to it's energy. I don't recommend wearing Phenakite all day if you are not used to it's high vibrational energy. A good pairing for Phenakite would be a grounding stone such as Black Tourmaline or Hematite. If you wish to amplify Phenakite's energy you can pair it with a Herkimer diamond.

Working with Phenakite on a physical level can help clear your mind and often is known to activate your prefrontal lobes, the newest and most advanced parts of the brain. It can also help elevate migraines and muddled thoughts. Some say it helps amplifies healing energies and healing crystals as well. I advise to always seek out medical advice from a professional Practitioner or medical doctor for medical aliments. Crystals are a way to help refocus certain types of energies within ourselves, so any health concerns please seek a professional. 

Many metaphysical practitioners love Phenakite and often seek this crystal out. It's high vibration allows us to work with higher vibrational energies with greater ease and even known to heightened intuition and psychic senses. Some people have reported seeing energy and white dots of light when working with Phenaktie. 

I personally love working with Phenakite because it allows me to work with my higher vibrational energies and celestial energies as well. Celestial beings such as Angels often come through and show themselves when I use Phenakite. Lot's of beautiful white wispy lights and blinking white lights as well. At times I will experience pressure all around me because the heightened energy is different. The feeling is similar to when you are climbing a mountain and the pressure changes.

I collect Phenakite from reputable Sellers that Mine their own pieces. If you are interested to purchase this high vibrational crystal you can view my pieces for sale here.

Please be aware when looking to purchase Phenakite be weary of imposters. Unfortunately some Sellers or uneducated resellers will sell clear quartz as fake Phenakite. Phenakite grows in small pieces, it's rare to ever encounter a large piece and if so the price would be very expensive. If a piece is priced cheaply it's mostly a fake. The best way to know if your Phenakite is real is the ice test. Real Phankite will melt through ice. If you use this method just be careful getting your crystal out of the ice so you don't damage it. Run it in water and your piece will come out, (make sure your drain is closed). As all crystals it will feel cold but Phenakite absorbs heat rapidly, it will quickly mimic your own heat temperature. 

Phenakite has been labeled as a toxic, only a few of it's properties are. It is safe to use but do not consume Phenakite. Only a certain part of the mineral of Phenakite is toxic for consumption. Licking it can taste sweet and salty, I advise to not do this. 

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