What is genuine Selenite?

Do you know which crystal is real Selenite? 
Satin Spar is often sold as Selenite but is not genuine Selenite. Both are of the same family of gypsum.Satin Spar and Selenite have very similar properties, so much so they often grow together. Genuine Selenite tends to grow in sheets and looks like glass or ice and is not opaque. Satin Spar has a velvet touch, textured and opaque, hence the name satin. Both are similar in healing and clearing vibration so don't throw out your Satin Spar. Another gypsum family member is the Desert Rose, the difference is that the gypsum Desert Rose is form from sand. 

Selenite crystals are found most commonly in sedimentary deposits, however, they can be found in igneous rocks too. It has the cool unique property of fluorescing under UV light. Selenite is named after the Greek word for the Moon -Selene. Selenite is a common crystal and can be found in most places around the World. The main areas for collecting Selenite, Canada, Mexico, USA, Australia, Brazil and Slovenia.

Like the moon shining bright at night, Selenite provides pure light when we are facing any of life’s hardships. Selenite also represents spiritual rejuvenation. Just like the moon, Selenite works by channeling energy and distributing it to those in need. Because of it's energetic similarities to the moon, Selenite is full of divine feminine energy. It also serves as a powerful ally during a woman’s moon cycle. A relatively soft stone it's energy helps calms any nervousness or anxiety and work with our energies in a gentle manner. A great beginner stone to work with and meditate with. Selenite has a grounding energy to it, helps focus your attention to the present and help keep your mind clear and sharp. Selenite is a very sensitive stone and acts like liquid moonlight, shining bright in this world and to the higher realms, etc. 

Selenite is one of the best ideal stones to help clear and cleanse energy. A must have for your home and a great crystal to put in your office and even with your jewelry. The larger the Selenite the better it will work in helping to clear and maintain a balanced energy and atmosphere in your home, etc. 

When Mediating with Selenite it can help clear up and blockages you are facing and rebalance your inner calm. If you place Selenite on your forehead along your third eye you can immediately feel is't energy. I often feel Angelic love from my Guardian Angel when I mediate with Selenite. By focusing more you can even hear guidance from the light and sometimes even music or singing, almost like a hymn or soft horn instrument from my experience. 

Very low maintenance crystal, Selenite doesn't need constant cleansing. Selenite usually can maintain itself if you make sure to care for it. Keep the space it is in clean and dust free. As any Crystal over time Selenite can loose it's energetic luster so it is important to cleanse it every once in awhile. Moonlight is the best way to revitalize this crystal and even more so during a full moon. You can also use smoke cleanse and rub some holy or Florida water on them, make sure to dry them after, do not soak them in water as they can start to deteriorate. Do not cleanse Selenite in full sun, it is a moon light crystal and will not clear as well in the sunlight. Some people will even bury Selenite overnight in the earths ground to rejuvenate it. As it was unearthed, being in the ground again helps it energy reground. 

You can find Selenite almost anywhere for purchase at a affordable price, just be aware of the difference of Satin Spar and Selenite. Many Crystal sellers simply are unaware or the difference and will sell Satin Spar as Selenite. It is rare to come across fake Selenite since it is not a uncommon crystal. If you ever wonder if your piece is real a easy way to tell is placing your Selenite over text and see if it magnifies or not. If it does magnify it is glass and not Selenite. This is a easy way to tell if any clear Crystal is indeed real and not glass. Selenite also feels cool to the touch and will not retain heat under fire. 

I highly recommend anyone to have Selenite in their home, office or even wear as jewelry. It's such a loving clam stone and perfect for anyone that is starting out using crystals. You can pair Selenite with almost any stone and use it to cleanse other stones as well. Leave it for 45 minutes at a minimum to cleanse other crystal; over night is best in my opinion. 

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