12 steps to help raise your vibration

How to raise your vibration:

Many people hear you need to raise your vibration and automatically think it’s going to be a tough road of hardcore mediation and living the life of a Monk. It’s actually very simple and a great way to live your life by doing these easy steps. Life is busy and chaotic so please don’t put pressure on yourself trying to achieve all these steps all the time. It’s ok to have bad days and be moody and grumpy. Allow yourself to have those bad moments then process it and move on. You don’t have to be militant. 

Tip 1: Go for a walk outside

I’m told this constantly by my Guides to get out and walk in nature. If you live in a busy city like I do, a park will do just fine. You don’t have to drive out in the middle of the wilderness to connect and ground with nature. Getting out in the clear air with the sun and being one with Mother Nature is a great therapy for your soul. Have those random conversations in your mind; it’s a great way of getting more thoughts and ideas flowing. 

Tip 2: Think Positive Thoughts

What you think is what you become. Practicing more positive thoughts allows you to attract higher vibration to you. Similarly, thinking negative mean thoughts all the time will attract heavier or dense energy. Sometimes our minds are loud and will say something mean no matter what. When this happens I let it have its say then I counter back with positivity. Over time this becomes a healthy habit and those angry mean voices pop up less.

Tip 3: Mediation and breathing

Take a moment each day, if you can, to stop and allow yourself to be present within. Mediate and center yourself, feel, and hear your breathing. The more you train yourself to be present the higher your vibration and consciousness will evolve. I was always someone that thought way too far in the future and put such huge goals for something I hadn’t even started yet. Allowing myself to be more present has taught me to be more conscious of what reality is. This also helps calm your nerves especially if you are anxious or nervous. Practicing being present is the fastest way to raising your vibration and expanding your spiritual growth. 

Tip 4: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not condoning the bad behavior but it’s letting go. You don’t have to forgive everything you are holding on to in one go. Doing it bit by bit will allow whatever is hurting you to come up to the surface so that you can let it go. You are not saying it was ok or just ignoring what happened but rather you are simply letting go of that negative sadness. Face the emotion you need to let go of and see it for what it really is. Give it love, thank it for protecting you and its work is done now and let it go. This tip is the hardest for a lot of people including myself. Understanding that forgiveness is not the same as condoning was a huge step for me. After accepting this, the rest just fluttered away like magic and the relief was amazing. 

Tip 5: Surround yourself with beauty

Having a peaceful beautiful environment easily raises your vibration. I’m an Artist and collect a lot of artwork. Surrounding myself with artwork that I admire always puts me in a good mood. Making sure your home is not cluttered or dirty is part of the beauty. Express your beauty throughout your home, get some new pillows you like or even a plant or flowers does wonders. Some people practice Feng Shui and feel instant changes in energy in their home for the better. Your surrounding has a big impact on how you feel on the inside.

Tip 6: Good Vibes Only Relationships

Make sure your relationships with other people, romantic, friend, or family are with people who always lift you up and always there for you in need. Toxic relationships will always pull your vibration down instantly. It’s ok to walk away from those that hurt or use you. If they can’t understand why you can’t have them in your life or make a change then they weren’t meant to be in a relationship with you in the first place. Sometimes we outgrow people and that’s totally fine, we can all be on the same course or same level forever. Once you let go of the toxic people it will make more room for the good vibes only people.

Tip 7: Consume Positive entertainment/Hobbies

Are you on Social media too much? Feeling bad after watching another crappy reality tv show? These are signs you need to step back from what you are consuming. It’s ok to go on Instagram and enjoy those pretty or funny pictures. However, once it turns into feelings of wishful thinking or comparing yourself then it is no longer benefiting your spirit. Change what kind of social media you follow or simply step back or get rid of it. Same with tv, if you feel you are wasting your time watching a crappy show, then just stop; you won’t be missing out. Pursue hobbies that make you happy. Allow yourself to express your creative spirit or even physically like dance or running, whichever you enjoy. By the way, if you like something like horror movies and wonder “oh no that’s low vibration”, don’t worry. It isn’t if you enjoy the thrill horror moves give you and you feel happy or giddy after. On the other hand, if you feel scared or sick after watching one then you know it’s not good. 

Tip 8: Eat Better

This one doesn’t need much explanation, you are what you eat. You don’t have to be on a diet in order to feel you are being healthy. Diets can turn toxic and become more about control and perfection; not a high vibe. Eating fresh fruits, greens, fresh bread, and even homemade ice cream is ok. It’s all a balance, too much of one is never a good thing. As long as you tune into your body and feed it what it needs your body will automatically feel good.

Tip 9: No smoking no excessive drinking

Smoking for ceremonial purposes is ok the context of why you are doing is different. But smoking or vaping just because trashes your body. Being able to breathe in clearly with clean air is healthy not just for your body but also for your spirit. Social drinking is fine but if you are ending every day with a wine glass, this is not helping your vibration to express itself clearly. Your vibration will become sluggish and confused. If you are doing meditative or spiritual work, never consume alcohol before. 

Tip 10: Generosity

Sometimes we get bogged down with everyday tasks and don’t take the time to give some generosity to others. It’s a great way to remind yourself you are a caring person. It’s a great booster for your vibration when you can be kind just because and not because you expect something in return or feed off of the thanks you get from others. If you feel lonely, maybe spend some time helping someone else. It can be as small or big as you like. A simple cup of coffee or a box of food can have a great impact on someone in need. Of course, you can always donate items or money as well. 

Tip 11: Gratitude

This is an easy one, you can simply just look around yourself and list off the things you see you are grateful for. If you feel sad or negative energies within, expressing gratitude is a great way to kill those negative thoughts. You can’t feel angry or fearful when you are expressing gratitude. Even with Spiritual work, recognize and show gratitude for the accomplishments you have made. We often quickly move on to the next task at hand and not give ourselves a pat on the back. It’s ok to show some gratitude for yourself as well. 

Tip 12: Love and Self-love

Ask yourself what is love and what does it feel and mean to you. Once you are able to understand that allow yourself to feel that love and express it to others you care about. Just practicing these tips to raise your vibration is an act of self-love.

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