I think I'm a Psychic now what?

Not understanding the unknown can be scary and lonely. As we grow up, there are many people to teach and guide us with the basics of life. However, nobody is really there to guide or hold your hand when you are a Psychic/Medium. I want you to know you are not alone so there is no need to fear; you are part of a community. The great benefit of the internet is that we can better connect and help each other to gain a better handle with our 6th sense. The downside is that there is so much information out there. Therefore, I would like to share with you some basic tips that have helped me.

Tip #1:

Always make sure your are grounded and charged. I jokingly say, "Shields Up" (Star Trek reference). The more grounded you are, the more your able to focus how you feel and know whether you are picking up inside or outside energies. Shielding yourself is a great way to dim the overwhelming energies out there and protect yourself as well. We are like sponges or satellite dishes. We pick up so much, even unaware that we are doing so, until it catches up to us and leaving us feeling drained. Grounding will also help you hear your Higher Self more clearly. Personally, I believe that the more grounded I am, the more I can grow by leaps and bounds in both personal power and spirituality. 

How do you Ground and Shield? 

There are many methods books and Youtube videos out there that show different methods of grounding yourself. I take a bit of each and made it to my own, everyone is different and vibes differently. Personally, I don't practice the ritual side of grounding because I don't have the time and the idea of rituals stresses me out. But by all means, if doing a mini ritual helps you, please do so. Overall I like to hold a grounding crystal. I personally love Copper or Smoky Quartz. I select my stones and crystals based on what I feel that day. Then I sit or lay down and imagine branches growing out my feet (root chakra), wrapping around the center of the Earth, the heart of Mother Gaia. Afterward, a white crystalline fire rushes through my roots all the way up to my body, pushing out any negativity and surrounding me like a egg shell.

I then start from the top of my head, (crown chakra) I imagine my crown taking in the Suns red/orange flames burning away any negativity and surrounding me like a egg shell over the white light. Like bathing in the sun absorbing all the warmth throughout my body.

Finally, I ask my Higher-Self to please surround me with guiding protective blue light. After all this, I'm ready to go and start my day. Sometimes when I feel I need an extra clearing or re-charge, I'll do this again before bedtime. 

At first it might take time but with practice, you'll ground yourself more easily. It used to take me 30 minutes but now I am done within 5 to 10 minutes.


Tip #2

Not knowing what or who to trust in the Spirit world can leave many Psychic/Mediums down a darker path or scared, ignoring and shutting it all out. I had to learn I don't need to always ask a outside source for guidance or confirmation. The best source you can always count on is your Higher Self, your Higher Self will never lead you astray or leave you feeling bad. The hardest part is hearing your Higher Self clearly. Unfortunately the Ego is louder and gets in the way. Ego is not all bad it's there to protect us but like a overbearing parent it can become overprotective and shut down the good things out of fear, (the Ego is a whole lesson itself). Keeping grounded and listing to your inner voice and just asking your Higher Self will allow for a stronger deeper connection within yourself. 

If you choose to Channel or do more Spirit work I always ground myself in light and I always ask, " are you of the light?" or "are you of the higher good?" all you need to hear or feel is a straight clear yes or no. Randoms are spirits and entities that are earthbound or not of the light. I call them "randoms" because they randomly appear like strangers you cross on the street. You wouldn't invite every stranger you pass on a street into your home so don't invite "randoms" into your space. Entities or Spirits not of the light will sometimes give you no clear response or be a bit cheeky and shrug or wink. Be aware that anything that is not a clear "yes" is actually a "no". Tell them bye and send them away; no need for randoms in your life.

Through time and practice, you will instantly feel if whatever you are communicating with is of your higher good so you won't have to ask all the time. Also be confident that your Spirit Guides will never tire of you asking. They are there to support you with unconditional love and understanding. 


Tip #3

How can I benefit from my new found gifts? Although at times it can be overwhelming being a psychic/medium I'am grateful everyday I have an aware connection with the ebb and flow of the Universe's energy. Paying attention to the energy changes has allowed me to surf the wave of abundance. Energy is always there for you to use, if you don't that's ok it will just flow on to other people since it waits for nobody. Being a Psychic means being a great Manifester.

Being better in-tuned with your Spirit also helps you being better tuned in to others. This can be amazing for your social skills. I'm a introvert but being in-tuned with other people allows me to know right away how they like to communicate which helps me act as an extrovert when needed. Knowing right away that someone is in a bad mood from the start, takes away any insecurities from your Ego telling you that he/she does not like you. It is so freeing because you know intuitively it has nothing to do with you.

There are so many benefits I wish I could list them all but one last one I'll add here for now is your Shadow. Being Intuitive, we know ourselves deeply which allows us to see the hidden parts of us. We can do heavy Shadow work and make great progress leaps and bounds. Your Shadow needs as much attention and nurture as any other part of you; it is you. The more Shadow work you do, the more you grow and the more you start understand life. I spent many years, on and off, doing major shadow work. It was not easy but I will say the ultimate freedom I feel now is something I wish we all could experience. So keep up the good work and don't be afraid of your Shadow.

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