The Stages of a Spiritual Journey

The Stages:

There are many levels and stages of life in which it’s hard to break down every single one you will experience. If you are on your spiritual path these are the simplified stages you will encounter and I will give tips to help you on each stage. Know that each stage is not in a predetermined sequence. You can experience one many times in the different areas of your life span. Knowing these stages is a great reminder of where you are in your journey. Please know neither is better than the other, they all have their pros and cons and of course being in it might not feel that great but now pushing to the other side has amazing rewards and true freedom.  

Stage 1:


Good morning you are now awake. This stage is your big wake up, your ah-ha. It can happen spontaneously or happen overtime on your spiritual journey. Some people experience this many times and some just once is all it takes. Since I was born Spiritually aware I can’t pinpoint when I had my actual “awakening”. I do know because I fought against it for so long I did have a couple “awakening accepting” moments in my life. I like to think these are related to being awoken. This event feels amazing, it’s like everything makes sense, all the dots are connected, you are in a constant high of knowing. It’s a great bliss moment and a time we all feel could last forever but it has its limits. You can’t grow from constant bliss and there is a lot you’ll have to learn to really understand all the connections between the dots. This feeling could last days, weeks, months but never longer because what goes up must come down.

Stage 2:


This is part of your awakening; it usually comes right after. You now want to explore these new thoughts, feelings, connections. You feel your heart awake for the first time and can seek out new ways in harnessing these feelings like deep meditations, yoga or explore your intuitive nature deeply. You will feel another connection outside you yet out of you this is your higher self and your Spirit Guides. This is a great blissful feeling because you feel not alone for the very first time. It’s a different kind of connection, a deep spiritual connection I don’t think can be experienced by human to human physical contact. I wish I knew the magic word to explain it but the best I can say it’s blissful accepting love. This stage can take days and weeks sometimes months. 

Stage 3:

The Shadow self

This stage is probably the hardest and the one-stage many people avoid at all costs because the pain is too great but in order to feel ultimate freedom within yourself, you gotta become friends with your shadow. Often many Spiritual gurus will say you have to battle it out with your shadow self in order to grow and this is 100% correct but from experience, I feel befriending my shadow and really listening and helping heal is what led to my freedom. This is also a big purge of your ego, your ego is your protector but it can also hide and misdirect where your true issues and problems are. So you are both a great therapist for your Shadow and tough love for your ego. Your shadow is the part of you that takes on all the bad and negative experiences and manifested itself into its own being. It’s part of you so it’s not bad but because it’s been ignored and hidden for so long it needs care and love just like all the parts of you do. This is confronting the hardest parts of yourself you won’t like. It can be pains you experience from others and pains you've given to others. This is the nitty gritty aspects of yourself you do not like. Confronting your Shadow can feel like you're dying but knowing to heal these parts of yourself releases so much pain you don’t need to carry. This can go on for months and sometimes years. I experienced mine on and off in different stages of my life. I couldn’t imagine someone going through all this in one go. 

Stage 4:

The Big rest

This can be a frustrating stage to be in, I felt this stage was harder than dealing with my Shadow self. It feels like you are isolated spiritually. All the experiences you learned and felt during your awakening now seemed blocked or gone. You don’t feel the connection to your own energy as strongly as you used to. You can start to second guess your own intuition and feel uncertain with yourself spiritually. Although it feels like your Spirit Guides have vanished and you are not as connected as you once were all this is part of the growth part of the process. When you work so hard and learn so much it’s important you take the time to rest. Doing nothing is a vital lesson as well. Some have said the experience feels like a giant void in their life as if everything seems to stop. I personally see it as a cocoon period, meant to rest and manifest into your true self. This takes time and lot’s of rest and healing time. Personally for me I was a pissed off caterpillar in a cocoon. I felt betrayed that my Guides, Angels and Higher-Self abandoned me. In reality I knew they were there but I was not willing to accept their step back while I transformed. In the end it makes total sense. I had to get angry and feel betrayed so I learned to trust myself no matter what, you step into your own power. This stage also humbles your ego. This experience can take months to years.

Stage 5:


This stage feels like you graduated from the University of You. You feel grown up, spiritually mature. Your energy feels more full but grounded and you are ready to be part of society. Your communication with your Guides come back and the connection is even stronger and clearer  than it ever was before. Everything feels more real and clear for what it is. Part of you feels like you’ve returned to civilization, a sort of homecoming. Just like going away from home and learning all the different lessons in life you are now more grounded in your thinking and because of this your energy is more grounded and you are able to become powerful for manifestation. This is one of my favorite stages in life, the feeling of wholeness and being in touch with who you are is the most loving and freeing emotions I have felt. The more grounded you are the more your confidence grows as well but beautiful mature loving confidence no Ego here. 

This experience can take 1-2 years or longer. 

Stage 6:

Your Purpose

Once you enter this final stage this is where you step out and begin your life mission. You now know what your purpose is and everything makes sense. Why you chose this life, why you planned to experience the difficult and wonderful experiences of life. It was all so you could realize and live your true purpose. Nobody can tell you what your mission is. I have spent YEARS asking myself, Guides, Tarot, other Psychic readers and I was always told they don’t know but I would know one day. But first I gotta work on myself in order to realize one day what my mission in life is. Well being told this message over and over frustrated me because in my mind I just needed to know so I could do it but it doesn’t work like that. I had to evolve into my purpose. Despite all the frustrations and years of not knowing it was all worth it because if I was told what my purpose was then I would’ve messed it all up. Allowing my ego taking over or simply not accepting it and turning my back on it. Once in this stage it’s one step at a time, no rush it will take the rest of your life. But you remember why you are here, you know why you are here and knowing your truth and being in your groundeness is a feeling of wholeness and love I can’t describe with words. 

This experience lasts the rest of your life.


Tips for handing the stages especially the tougher ones. 

-Surrender, the more you fight or resist the longer and harder it will be to recover from you need to heal and understand.

-Detach from  your mind, the ego is chatty isn’t it? It’s there because it’s our #1 fan and wants us to feel good but sometimes that comes from fear based triggers. It’s ok to let the ego have it say, the more you shut it up the more it wants to be expressed. I always let my ego have it’s 2 cents and then I let it go and say thanks I know where this comes from and I move on from that. Detaching your mind is allowing your spirit to have a chance to voice itself. Allowing both is a great balance and healthy for the soul.

-Meditate: Some people love to meditate. That's great. I always roll my eyes when I know I need to meditate but it is essential and I do always feel 100% better after but sitting still is hard for me. One way to see outside yourself while meditating is allowing a vision of yourself floating out of your body and up above your house. Imagine seeing yourself floating above your house but you can see yourself sitting/laying mediating. Observe yourself and see what you pick up, how you feel, process it and let it go. Once you feel you have felt and seen all you needed for that day your mediation is done. I feel like this is a quick easy way for people that have a harder time settling their busy minds down. 

I hope you enjoyed my mini rundown of the 6 stages of Spiritual growth and mini intro of being a psychic. There are many books and blogs that dive deeper into these subjects and some spiritual stages have multiple stages of 10-15 or more. These are the main 6 stages I believe we all go through and most people can relate to. I read about the stages many years ago and I completely forgot about it. Seeing it again in my adulthood reminded me it’s a great outline to have if you ever feel a bit lost or discouraged on your journey, you are never lost :)

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