Psychic/Mediumship guidance, Mentorship:

I offer one on one counseling for other Psychic/Mediums that have questions about their gifts or explanations on their paranormal experiences. I also offer tips how to better protect yourself and grow your connection with Spirit and your Higher self. It can feel lonely but you are not alone I'm here to help.

New Age Practitioner Coaching:

Being a new age practitioner has many rewarding experiences but also many difficult road blocks that can be hard to navigate through. Being a reader for 25+yrs, I had to learn how to grow my practice intuitively by myself. Using intuitive read, I can help identify current roadblocks in your business and how you can better attain fulfillment from helping others with your gifts. I also offer tips and guidance from your Higher self and Spirit Guides.

Soul Resurgence energy work:

Soul Resurgence is only offered to existing clients. This is a intensive 90mins session where we connect to your soul, Akashic records, past lives, Spirit Guides, Higher-Self and alter dimensional versions of you. It is a comprehensive and extremely enlightening session but because it is intense energy work, it can leave the Client exhausted and in need of some recovery time (1-3wks). After healing, Clients notice a huge boost in their intuition and connection to their High-Self and Guides. This can also trigger Shadow work and the information given can be overwhelming. As such, this type of session is only offered to select Clients when they are ready. After some preparation time, I read your whole energy and connect to your light source which I call the "Funnel". This is a technique the Archangel's and my Spirit Guides have taught me. I only access information from the light and of the highest good. This session will raise your frequency and allow your intuition to flow unblocked.

Pet Reading:

Reading animal friends brings me so much joy and I have helped so many pet owners better understand their animal companions. I can communicate with all animals no matter how small or large. We used to all be able to communicate with animals a long time ago but between today's distractions and our own way of consciously communicating, we forgotten how.

Psychic and Medium reading:

I have spent over 25+yrs helping spirits crossover and helped loved ones communicate with souls that have ascended to the other side. I will read your energy for psychic messages and images. For contacting loved ones I am a evidential Medium, I always provide information you can resonate with knowing your loved one in Spirit is indeed present.

Limited availability:

In-person readings available in Toronto. To schedule in-person readings please put upon check out notes, Toronto in-person reading

Psychic/Medium and Animal readings available with limited spots, if there are no openings I can add you on a waiting list, send me an email

 Book reading

All consultations are offered in 30mins / 60mins / 90mins via In person (Toronto, Uptown) or Zoom


Pet reading 60 minutes session for 150$

60 minutes session for 300$

90 minutes for 380$

For more information send me an email