Poseidon's Amethyst Small Size

Poseidon's Amethyst Small Size

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I have a collection of Amethyst I came upon walking the beach after a huge storm. The locals told me it was extremely rare to find so many pieces of Amethyst on the beach, the last time they saw any was over 20yrs ago. They may not be the most visually stunning Amethyst but the energy of this collection is amazing. They feel very calm and wise with a beautiful waves of a in and out feeling like the ocean. I named this collection Poseidon's gift. I'am only parting with a small handful so once they are gone that is it. Found off of Lake Ontario, you can see the waves have smoothed out the rocks, probably came from deep below the lake or cliffs and I just happened to be there at the right time.

#1 Nice dark colored Amethyst

#2 Amethyst with some clear quartz 

#3 Druzy on the bottom, speckled red cap

#4 Mini nugget with center light red cap

#5 Dark violet amethyst with some red cap

#6 Mini perfect purple Amethyst


3cm x 2cm