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Looking to understand the evolution of you? I have helped guide many on their journey of self discovery and understanding their soul and purpose. One of our main purpose in this lifetime is self discovery. I'm here to help remind you who you already are and ready to be.

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Soul Portraits

With my intuitive gifts and fine arts background I create a meaningful portrait of your soul or pets soul. All portraits come with a reading.

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KiddoMoon Studio

Coming from a Fine Arts background and spending many years in commercial art and design, I make stuff everyday. I offer fun jewelry, apparel, art and self care goodies I make myself so stock is limited. I also sometimes mine beautiful crystals myself and offer them for sale. Everything is ethically made with a lot of happiness. I hope my creations bring you as much joy as I received making them. 

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  • "Stacey is not only very gifted, she is down to earth and hilarious. I have never met a kinder, funnier Psychic Reader. She has given me the best perspective and wisdom to help me along my journey."

    S. Kwan

  • "Having Stacey as my Mentor along my Intuitive journey as a Professional reader has helped my business grow in a way I never imagined. Best yet the whole process has helped me grow as a better Reader for my Clients. I'm grateful to have known Stacey for many years."

    Jenny V.

  • "Readings with KiddoMoon are spot on. I sit there and say nothing and she tells my life story to me, my passed loved ones messages and pets information, it's amazing. After many years of countless Readers, Stacey is the only one I trust and know I can rely on to be honest and insightful."

    B. Martinez

  • "Stacey is the real deal! I have never encountered a Medium like her. She never once asked a single question and was telling me my Grandmother's last memories in vivid imagery and spoke the way she did. It was out of this world amazing!"

    Deb. L

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