About Kiddo Moon

Hello, my name is Stacey (aka kiddomoon) and I am a born Medium/Psychic. I've been helping other sensitive souls for over 25+ years on their journey through this lifetime. For any new age practitioners, the road to acceptance and trust in such gifts is long and winding. My path has brought me here so that I can help others like myself by answering questions about themselves, their shadow selves and their path. I offer one on one guidance and tips for other Intuitives and new age practitioners. I also offer personal (and animal) readings as well but on a limited availability.
Stacey the Medium:
Many of earliest memories are of passed souls and entities. Growing up as a Medium was confusing and scary without anyone to help me understand. I can see, hear, feel, and smell spirits (all the 4 Clairs). I have helped many spirits move to the light and helped living loved ones reconnect with passed souls so they could have better closure.
Stacey the Psychic:
When I walk into a room I automatically get a summarized download about the people present, how they feel and what they are about. I'm very sensitive to energy and can see people's aura all the time (but not the color). I pick up on people's thoughts and able to see different pathways in their life: those they have taken and those not taken yet. I also can communicate with animals. Just like people I get a download of who they are and pick up energetically what they want to say or have me see.
Why the name KiddoMoon:

As a young child my two favorite things were folktales and the moon. My favorite folktale being about Chang'e and her journey to the moon with her rabbit. I often spent many nights staring at the moon wishing I could live there with her pet rabbit.

Store Items:

Coming from a Fine Arts background and spending many years in commercial art and design, I make stuff everyday. I offer fun jewelry and apparel that I make myself so stock is limited. I also sometimes mine beautiful crystals myself and offer them for sale. Everything is ethically made with a lot of happiness. I hope my creations bring you as much joy as I received making them.